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Gingerlicious Poetry & the 99 Story Book Page

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These are two wonderful ideas set up by my writer friend, author, poet and the one job I was introduced to him through, radio presenter of “The Writers Bookshelf’ & ‘The Saturday Show’ on Drystone Radio. Mr David Driver.

David has become a lifelong friend of #UKIndieLitFest and we shall be meeting him at the event 26th August. He has already interviewed  two members of our #IndieArmy Chris Turnbull & Dawn Singh. We have also enticed other poets & writers to the event via the show. So a big

Thank You David

Here is a little sample of David’s writing from ‘The 99 Story Book Page’ and this is what he has to say upon visiting his page:-

“Be brave, be bold, give us a story that`s never been told. Don`t be shy, give it a try, no limit on your age, so come and join, The 99 Story Book Page.
All stories must be EXACTLY 99 words long (not including title).
PLEASE, no rants, no moaning.
Rude words: use the first and last letter and fill the gaps with ****.
Any genre goes.
David ‘Gingerlicious’ Driver`s word is final.
Posts and people might be removed.
Enjoy and get writing you fools!!!!”

The Old Hag

She lived alone in the forest; a creature of skin and bone, twisted, bitter, vengeful. Life had been cruel, but most blame fell on self infliction.
Death scented the air, the denizens of woodland sensed it. Why should it be them?
She wasn’t the only one who knew magic. Another possessed the art of shapeshifting….
Narook the Great rose to his full height, roared in all his glory and took of her head with one mighty blow from his powerful claw.
The tale was told to generations of how the mouse became a bear and slew the old hag.

Copyright © David Driver March 2017

Gingerlicious  Poetry ~ This is how David introduces his Facebook page:-

The slightly mad and eccentric Yorkshire poet, Arthur G Mustard would like to welcome you. Anything goes, post as many poems as you like.

But please, no rants, no moaning, no falling out or arguing.

With regard to all those rude words contained in the English language, please use the first and last letter of the word and use **** in between.

Satire, comedic verse and we’ll written p**s taking are welcomed. Arthur’s word is final and he alone reserves the right to remove posts and people. Thank you and please enjoy.

So here is one of Arthur’s poems


Hello Mr Werewolf
It’s another full moon
Please change quickly, please change soon.

But that’s not your name
Sharp teeth, sharp claws
Slaking your thirst with murderous jaws.

You’re Mr Brindle, the vacuum repair man
Blood stained victims in the fields and park
Hiding in the shadows, lurking in the dark.

Bitten yourself, two months ago this Thursday
I see you from my bedroom, I know you’ve killed at least two
But let me tell you Mr Lycan Man, I have something special lined up for you.

Time to do a little repairing myself
Some might call you the Devil’s son
The silver bullet’s loaded, waiting in my gun.

Copyright © Arthur G Mustard March 2017

Now here is one of my attempts on the theme of werewolves.


Please drop by and say Hi to David and our lovely writer friends,

Maybe join in the fun.

Also check out Drystone Radio, listen LIVE or on the podcasts

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Thank You for visiting, call again. Happy Reading.

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