#IndieBookBanter Further info on depositing self-published books with the British Library

So after seeing several blogs recently about depositing one copy of each book printed in the UK I decided to email the British Library for some clarification for self-published books. A wonderful lady kindly emailed me a rapid response and here it is for you to check out for yourselves.

Thank you for your email regarding legal deposit.  However I feel that it is possible that there has been a misunderstanding.  The Legal Deposit Act 2003 entitles The British Library to receive one copy of all publications published or distributed in the United Kingdom regardless of how old it is.  To ensure we receive a copy we recommend sending in items within one month of publication but there is no time limit. 

Please find below a link to our website for your reference where you will find full details of legal deposit obligations and the address for the Agent for the other legal deposit libraries.  Please contact the agent direct if you have any queries regarding their five copies.


We would be very grateful to receive a copy of all books we do not hold.  Please could publishers send one copy of each publication to: The Legal Deposit Office, The British Library, Boston Spa, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS23 7BY.  There are no forms to complete but a compliment slip or covering letter with the address of where you would like the receipt to be sent would be helpful.  A receipt will be sent in approximately 8 weeks.

  • Where print copies exist, please deposit in print.
  • Where only electronic copies exist, please contact LDO-Electronic@bl.uk
  • Where print and electronic copies exist, please supply in print – we will migrate interested publishers over time to electronic deposit

Print on demand titles should be deposited if they are published or distributed in the United Kingdom.

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards

Valerie Ferguson

Legal Deposit Office

T +44 (0)1937 546268

The British Library
Boston Spa
West Yorkshire
LS23 7BY


I hope this helps to clarify things all you wonderful writers out there.

Thanks for dropping by.

IBB Love Reading 4

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