#IndieBookBanter Wish You ALL Happy Easter


Happy Easter Everyone

Hope you are all having a wonderful relaxing weekend and not having to work too hard. I had a lovely duvet day yesterday most of it spent reading.

Currently Reading Crimson Moon by Sherri A. Wingler

170416 Easter Sunday


In the old days, people whispered about the wolf, said he came only at night, and only by the light of the full moon. They locked their doors and huddled close to their fires, safe in the knowledge they could prepare for his coming. The truth is, no one is safe, because the wolf walks in the skin of the man. Always.

Harlow Hayes is a runaway, thief, and failed Southern belle. Forced to grow up fast after what her mama delicately referred to as, ‘the incident,’ she learns the hard way not all strangers are kind, real monsters hide in plain sight, and family can be found in the most unexpected places.

Harlow Hayes is about to meet the Wolf.

So far these two quotes below are my favourites but I am abaolutely loving the book.

‘The scent coming of her was pure happiness mixed in with peaches & rain’

‘Glass makes an almost cheerful sound when it breaks, like the shattering brings it joy’

Crimson Moon

Happy Reading

IBB Love Reading 4


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