14 Indie Banter with Victoria Howard

Introducing Victoria Howard

Victoria Howard Bio

  1.  #IndieBookBanter today welcomes our the lovely Victoria Howard.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and the best place for us to find out more.

Hello, I’m Victoria Howard.  I am originally from the Wirral, although I’ve lived and worked in various places since then, spending most of my adult life on the outskirts of a village in the Highlands of Scotland. I feel Scotland is my spiritual home, which is probably the reason why I’ve used it for the setting of one of my novels. I currently live in South Yorkshire with my partner and Border collie, Rosie.  I have written three romantic suspense novels and several short stories, which were traditionally published in the USA. However, when the rights were subsequently returned to me I decided to self-publish. All of my novels are set in places I have either lived or travelled to: Scotland, Florida and the San Juan Islands in the Pacific North West.   In my spare time I enjoy designing knitwear using traditional Fair Isle patterns.

Marias website

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2. Briefly tell us about your work in progress, what are you planning next? 

I am currently working on two manuscripts!  Another book set in Scotland, and one set in the heart of the Derbyshire Dales. While I like both ideas, and writing two books at once is not impossible, it is a huge undertaking. There is no doubt in my mind that at some point, I will put one manuscript aside in order to complete the story that I feel my readers will enjoy most. Look out for a new title from me at the end of the year.

3. What was the most unusual source of inspiration for any of your books?

I am inspired by places and real life events.  The most unusual source would have to be the Offshore Oil and Gas industry of which I have first hand knowledge.  I used my experience of working for a Scottish Laird and combined it with an event that took place back in 1975, when the oil industry in the UK was in its infancy for the plot of The House on the Shore.

4. Who was your favourite character to write about?

Jack West in Ring of Lies.  Jack has crossed paths with the heroine, Grace Elliott before.  At the time, Grace was married and Jack was unattached.  However, when Grace’s husband dies unexpectedly and in mysterious circumstances, Grace seeks Jack’s help to uncover the truth.  I had great fun putting them into difficult situations where they had to use their wits to survive.

5. Finally you are invited on a mission to a New World (unfortunately you cannot take any members of your family, friends or pets). Please tell us:-

a) Your favourite fictional character to accompany you?

Claire Randall from the Outlander series – not only does she have knowledge of herbs and medicine, but she is also practical and a logical thinker.

b) Your favourite book?

Zemindar by Valerie Fitzgerald.  After many years on the discontinued list, it has now been re-released.

c) Your favourite song?

I’m not really a ‘song type of person’, preferring instrumental and classical music, so would have to take Adagio From Aranjuez Concerto. (Click Image Below)


d) Your favourite food & drink to take with you (we don’t know what will be available on the New World).

A chicken curry and sparkling elderflower cordial, as I don’t drink alcohol.

e) Finally, tell us the one (Yes, that is just ONE) item you cannot live without?

My MacBook Air. 

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 Here is are Victoria’s books with a short description:-

02 House

The House on the Shore

Anna leaves Edinburgh to find peace in her grandmother’s croft on the edge of a remote Scottish loch, but unexplained events mean that her peace is short-lived. 


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03Three Weeks Last Spring

Three Weeks Last Spring

Londoner Skye Dunbar rents a cabin on San Juan island, and finds herself the centre of lies and suspicion, but her accuser is the most exciting man she has ever met.  Will she have to pay a heavy price for trying to forget… Three Weeks Last Spring?



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01 Ring of Lies

Ring of Lies

Set in the steamy heat of the Florida Gulf Coast, Ring of Lies is the story of Grace Elliott’s struggle to find the truth surrounding her marriage and her husband’s true identity.

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