Poetry ‘City of Dreams’ by Felicity Snowden

City of Dreams 04

‘City of Dreams’

By Felicity Snowden

We came upon her suddenly……that city of dreams
Kissed by early sunlight, reflected in her streams.
Such grandeur and opulence, a feast to charm the eye
Basking, smiling; beckoning as slowly we drift by.

We stepped into her narrow streets……in reverence and in awe
Past Baroque Portals, Palaces and Bridges by the score.
Where saints in all their glory look down without a word
As hordes of eager travellers and pigeons converge.

We heard the chimes of ancient bells….a boatman’s sweet refrain
Captivating lovers with his Barcarola strain.
Shops full up to brimming with multi-coloured faces
Scrutinising, stalking they stare with spectral gazes.

We visited the church of gold ……where histories unfold.
The Tower of the Campanile, magnificent and bold.
In narrow twisting alleyways, her waters cool and clear
Tween every nook and cranny, she hides a secret there

We left her shores at sunset ………the waterfront aglow.
With bustling taverns, twinkling lights – so sad to see her go
And as she faded into night that Janus of the seas
We vowed to see her shores again and solve her mysteries

City of Dreams ©Felicity Snowden 2017

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