20 Book Banter with Glynn Holloway

Introducing Glynn Holloway

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  1.  #IndieBookBanter today welcomes Glynn Holloway.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and the best place for us to find out more.

I’m Glynn Holloway, writer of historical fiction set in the time of the Norman Conquest. I write about this subject because I find it one of the most interesting periods in English history. The scheming, conniving and backstabbing that led up to the Battle of Hastings I find fascinating and exciting and what happened way back then still lives with us today. My interest is such that it is no trouble for me to sit in the corner of our dining room, next to the French windows, music playing non-stop, slaving away over a hot keyboard. OK, I do sometimes stare out of the window, but only for inspiration, honest.     

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2. Briefly tell us about your work in progress, what are you planning next? 

So far, my interest in the subject has led to an epic novel and a short story. At the moment, I’m working on the sequel to the novel, which is all about the English resistance to the Norman Invasion, so more battles, scheming and adventures in eleventh century England. With any luck, it should be published by Christmas.

3. What was the most unusual source of inspiration for any of your books?

What inspired me to write the first novel was a history book my wife bought me as a Christmas present. I’m a history graduate and I’ve always loved the subject but I knew little about the events that led up to Hastings. Once I’d read the book I searched for anything I could find on the era and with each book I read discovered it to be more and more enthralling. So, I just had to write my version of events in novel form. But not all my writing is based on historical research, some of the scenes came to me via songs by Bruce Springsteen and Van Morrison. Not likely sources of inspiration for writers of medieval fiction you might think, but you’d be wrong.

4. Who was your favourite character to write about?

There are a lot of characters in my novel, someone told me there are 220. Of those only about thirty are central. Do I have a favourite of whom I like to write about? It’s hard to say. Harold, Earl of Wessex, and later King of England is an amiable, intelligent and courageous fellow who it’s hard not to like and he has quite a few adventures. He’s also easy to relate to so he became a favourite of mine right away. Harald Hardrada was such a larger than life character he just sets the page alight but William the Conqueror is quite hard work. He’s ‘complicated’. He’s also the villain of the piece and (I think you have to be very careful when writing about villains or you’ll go too far and they’ll look like a moustache twisting bad guy from a silent movie. But of them all I enjoyed writing about Godwin, Earl of Wessex the most. He was politically astute and a great kingmaker, moving from lowly beginnings to the most powerful man in the land.

5. Finally you are invited on a mission to a New World (unfortunately you cannot take any members of your family, friends or pets). Please tell us:-

a) Your favourite fictional character to accompany you?

If I were on a mission to a new land and I had to take a fictional character with me, I think I’d take Batman because he could get us out of any mess and we’d be driving around in a great car.

b) Your favourite book?

My favourite book, and this is a difficult one, would have to be The Great Gatsby’. This is because it blew me away the first time I read it and every time I’ve read it since it’s had the same effect.

c) Your favourite song?

My favourite song – this is impossible – but if forced to take just one song it would be UB40 ‘Red Red Wine’.

d) Your favourite food & drink to take with you (we don’t know what will be available on the New World).

My favourite food and drink; Spanish Chicken casserole and a bottle of Rioja.

e) Finally, tell us the one (Yes, that is just ONE) item you cannot live without?

The one thing I couldn’t do without? Well, I think that’s obvious, isn’t it? A cork screw. Do you think a theme might be emerging here? 

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 Here is Glynn’s book with a short description:-

‘1066 What Fates Impose’

WhatFatesImpose.jpgEngland is in crisis. King Edward has no heir and promises never to produce one. There are no obvious successors available to replace him, but quite a few claimants are eager to take the crown. While power struggles break out between the various factions at court, enemies abroad plot to make England their own. There are raids across the borders with Wales and Scotland.

Harold Godwinson, Earl of Wessex, is seen by many as the one man who can bring stability to the kingdom. He has powerful friends and two women who love him, but he has enemies will stop at nothing to gain power. As 1066 begins, England heads for an uncertain future. It seems even the heavens are against Harold.

Intelligent and courageous, can Harold forge his own destiny – or does he have to bow to what fates impose?

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‘1066 Turned Upside Down’

1066 Turned Upside down

Ever wondered what might have happened if William the Conqueror had been beaten at Hastings? Or if Harald Hardrada had won at Stamford Bridge? Or if Edward the Confessor had died with an heir ready to take his place? Then here is the perfect set of stories for you. ‘1066 Turned Upside Down’ explores a variety of ways in which the momentous year of 1066 could have played out differently.

Written by nine well-known authors to celebrate the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, the stories will take you on a journey through the wonderful ‘what ifs’ of England’s most famous year in history.

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Happy Reading

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