17 Book Banter with International Indie Author Sherri A. Wingler

Introducing Sherri A. Wingler  #IndieBookBanter today welcomes our first International Author one of our many #IndieFriends Sherri A. Wingler. This wonderful Indie Author will not be able to join us for this years UK Indie Lit Fest but her books will be featured on the International Table for our Indie Friends. Please tell us a … Continue reading 17 Book Banter with International Indie Author Sherri A. Wingler

Support needed for this baby whose mum has cancer

What a great #Blog go check it out. A wonderful way for #IndieAuthors to raise money for a #GoodCause by selling their #Book to get money for this #Mums #CancerTreatment #ThankYou


This is a post requesting help but its not asking for a donation for a random stranger with no returns. This is an author asking you to buy his book in order that the proceeds go to fund the cancer treatment that his friend needs.

I’ve bought my copy, hope you do too. Let us see if we as a community can ensure this little baby gets to keep him mum.


This post has been taken from a group I’m in on Facebook by Mark Dawson

Emma Johns is the wife of my son’s godfather and has been battling with breast cancer for five years. In the middle of her gruelling treatment she found out that she was pregnant (the chemotherapy was supposed to make her infertile but, to her surprise, it didn’t).

And then, in December, she gave birth to her own little miracle: baby Phoenix.

Emma’s condition is worsening…

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15 Book Banter with Irene Lofthouse

Introducing Irene Lofthouse  #IndieBookBanter today welcomes our storytelling Indie Author Irene Lofthouse.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and the best place for us to find out more. Eyup, Irene Lofthouse here from Bradford, by way of Ireland (mum) & Lancashire (dad), which is really helpful when creating characters and voices. I’ve always liked … Continue reading 15 Book Banter with Irene Lofthouse