24 Book Banter with Adrian Baldwin

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Introducing Adrian Baldwin

1. #IndieBookBanter today welcomes Adrian Baldwin.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and the best place for us to find out more.

Hi, I am Adrian Baldwin, a Mancunian now living and working in Wales; I write Dark Comedy novels and short stories for grown-ups. My motivation … Hmm, I suppose to commit my strange stories to paper so they can no longer rattle around inside my head … that and to share my dark humour with other like-minded kooks. My writing place is an ‘office’ with a view of trees, a hill and a river; here I listen to Bowie instrumentals, drink endless cups of coffee and tap curious fiction into my keyboard. Hey, it works for me!

 Marias website

Click the logo to go to Adrian’s web page

2. Briefly tell us about your work in progress, what are you planning next?

I am currently halfway through my third novel The Snowman and the Scarecrow. (Yes, another dark comedy for grown-ups!) It’s about a young boy, Joe, whose grandfather dies as they’re building their traditional Christmas snowman. (Always a festive downer when that happens.) As a way of coping, he searches for the missing snowman; it’s a small town, how far could he have got? (Unbeknownst to Joe, the snowman was destroyed by insensitive local teens.) Before long, Joe runs into an out-of-town drifter who promises to help … but does the old vagrant have ulterior motives?

Then next up will be another dark comedy novel; as yet untitled, but I expect it will likely be an orgy of filth, depravity and wrongdoings, filled with weird and wonderful characters (criminals and perverts, most likely!) smothered in copious amounts of distasteful black humour.

3. What was the most unusual source of inspiration for any of your books?

I am constantly inspired; by films, books, songs … and in the case of ‘Egor’s Emporium’ (a dark comedy short story), a wonderfully strange photograph by Dark Artist Roberto Segate.

4. Who was your favourite character to write about?

I thoroughly enjoy writing the seriously quirky individuals, so characters such as Archie, an argumentative ventriloquist dummy (he prefers the term ‘mannequin’) or The Head Honcho, a serial killer who likes to leave his victims’ torsos in one place and their heads in another. But I guess; the protagonist closest to my heart will probably always be Leon Blank, from my first novel Barnacle Brat, because I really messed with his head, poor soul!

5. Finally you are invited on a mission to a New World (unfortunately you cannot take any members of your family, friends or pets). Please tell us:-

a) Your favourite fictional character to accompany you?

Thomas Jerome Newton from The Man Who Fell to Earth by Walter Tevis. I relate to ‘outsiders’ and you can’t get much more ‘outside’ than a visitor from another world.

b) Your favourite book?

Misery by Stephen King. A smart, straightforward scenario that is seriously suspenseful.

c) Your favourite song?

Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (Reprise) by David Bowie. Hauntingly beautiful, Diamond Dogs is an all time favourite album that I revisit often. Never gets old.

d) Your favourite food & drink to take with you (we don’t know what will be available on the New World).

Chinese … Coffee … er, yeah, that’s it.

e) Finally, tell us the one (Yes, that is just ONE) item you cannot live without?

Definitely my computer.

 Here are Adrian’s books with a short description:-

Barnacle Brat’ (a dark comedy for grown-ups)

Barnacle Brat coverA modern-day Billy Liar meets Donnie Darko (quirky, surreal and darkly funny); the winner of Indie Novel of the Year 2016 (Underground Books’ Readers’ Choice).

Losing your grip on reality is a real bummer. Just ask Leon Blank. Not that he’d know. Seems those losing their marbles are always the last to find out.

Until recently, Leon would have argued that a tendency to become easily sidetracked on a regular basis wasn’t that odd. And what’s so unusual about hearing a voice inside your head? Doesn’t everyone? Isn’t that just thinking?

But his recent visions aren’t so freely dismissed; especially the angry-looking clown who’s following him around with a baseball bat.

Time to act, Leon decides: perhaps keeping a log will shed light on the mystery.

Then again, could ‘seeing-things’ just be sexual frustration? It’s been a while! If only he had a girlfriend to take his mind off stuff.

Prepare to enter the normally hidden world of delusions, paranoia, and … ahem … ‘unusual interests’: Voyeurism; Feederism; Shoes – that kind of thing.

Stanley McCloud Must Die! (more dark comedy for grown-ups)

Stanley McCloud Must DieDeath can be a real downer. Just ask Stanley McCloud. The ancient and inveterate gambler has just found out he hasn’t long to live.

Refusing to believe his prognosis, though, Stan puts a massive bet on that he will reach his next birthday. Surely his run of bad luck can’t last!

Unfortunately for Stan the independent bookie he uses grows nervous as the big day approaches and decides to bump him off with one of her many fun, but ever-so-slightly fatal, high-odds proposition bets – aka Maggy’s Specials.

Will Stanley McCloud make it, ruining Maggy McCulloch in the process; or will the heartless bookie have her evil way, ‘accidentally’ kill him, and save her business?

Perhaps Stan’s womanising, alcoholic old pal Dougie can be of some help? Yeah, right! Good luck with that.

Oh, and there’s a whole secondary storyline about The Head Honcho, the serial killer who leaves his victims’ torsos in one place and their heads in another. Yikes!

Floppy Shoes Apocalypse 3 Cream Pie Freaks

Floppy Shoes Apocalypse 3This is an anthology of short stories and poems in which I have a long (10k words) short story: Pied!

 Pied! is a dark comedy short inspired by Stephen King’s best-selling novels: Misery and It – but mostly Misery. Rex Stevens, a writer of books featuring evil clowns, is kidnapped by a crazy clown-loving couple who will apparently stop at nothing in order to force Rex to pen stories that portray clowns in a good light. Like that’s even possible; everyone knows they’re freaks!


***COMING SOON IN *** Floppy Shoes Apocalypse 4 Greasepaint Inferno

Egors Emporium

This is another anthology of short stories and poems. In this one I have an 11k word dark comedy short story: Egor’s Emporium.

 A disturbing tale of immorality, obsession, and a claw-grab machine; this story shows the serious consequences that can arise when a young man becomes increasingly and then entirely obsessed with winning a particular prize from his local amusement arcade.

Click the image to go to Adrian’s web page for a sneak peek.

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Happy Reading

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