Ban that Bloody Burqa.

Bernie tells us this is her favourite piece to date, check it out.

Bernie-The-Bolt {Poet} 🌈🥰

“We are not Racist”. This is what they say.
But BAN that Bloody Burqa.
This is England not Pakistan.
Woah! Spot the Terrorist if ya can!
Multiculturalism quoting:
‘Allah’s’ God forsaken rules.
Getting diced into little pieces.
Fragile ‘Horses. Bleeding Fools’.
If we entered your Country,
we’d be forced to change.
So, don’t come over here,
flogging ‘Dead Chickens’.
From, your Copper Range.
Feminist Divisions with Dominant clothing.
Designed to cover the skin.
We’re all like Biscuits getting crushed
and boxed into a shiny, metal tin.
We like to look at people’s face, when they talk.
But, intimidating eyes; they back, crack stare.
For, it makes us rather curious,
to know what is hidden under there?
Is it a Narcissistic, inconsiderate Human?
With a brain like Pacman’s Core?
Or a melancholic soul that longs,
for life; to offer so much more?
You might call the Fascists, the Communists;
The Marxists…

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