33 Book Banter with Rose English

Rose English 02

Introducing Rose English

1. #IndieBookBanter today welcomes Rose English.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and the best place for us to find out more.

Hello I’m Rose English and I am a Read-a-holic. Writing is a hobby from me. I am a Yorkshire lass born and bred, ‘Living on England’s Green and Pleasant Lands’, now in the Herefordshire countryside in the West Midlands. I began by writing poetry but now I have gravitated towards short stories.

My first published story was ‘The Magic of Grandfather Christmas’ which won 1st prize in a seasonal short story competition. It is now in print as ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’. I am a dreamer, a watcher and a wanderer pulling inspiration from many different sources. I don’t have secrets but one thing people may not know is that my first published work was many years ago a poem called Battle of the Wind’. 

Marias website

Click the logo to go to Rose’s web page

2. Briefly tell us about your work in progress, what are you planning next?

I have several projects on the go currently on hold as I am busy promoting the UK Indie Lit Fest taking place in Bradford on 26th August 2017. I am the Social Media Officer and spend my time tangled in the web of the internet. Sharing and caring, promoting the wonderful Indie Books of many talented writers.

Online friends have given me some great feedback on my ‘Shoe Shorts’ so that may well be my next book, a collection of short stories based around  shoes. For teasers check my WordPress blog.

One Night smallest

3. What was the most unusual source of inspiration for any of your books?

The book is ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’ I became interested in how the Grandfather Clock got its name (originally known as the longcase clock). After a great deal of research both through books and websites I discovered a fascinating song. ‘Grandfather’s Clock’ was written by Henry Clay Work, an American who had heard an intriguing story in 1874 whilst visiting ‘The George Hotel’ in Piercebridge, North Yorkshire, England. Check out ‘How an Old Floor Clock Became a Grandfather’ by Henry Zecher. Click the image to check out the story.

Grandfather Clock Inspiration

GrandfathersClockSheetMusic My favourite version of the song is performed by Tom Roush

4. Who was your favourite character to write about?

Grandfather Time himself from ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time Series’ he was the craftsman who built the family longcase clock. Old Father Time bestowed a magic upon him to be forever the guardian of his family. He really feels for the family and tries wherever possible to ease their pain.

I also have a soft spot for ‘Ruby Heart’ (from the Grandfather Time book) she is a King Charles Spaniel a rich golden red furred creature, the name came from the colouring of the puppy and a discovery of a picture of an actual dog by the name of ‘Ruby Heart’ buried in the Hyde Park cemetery. Did you know Queen Victoria’s favourite dog was also a King Charles Spaniel named ‘Dash’.

Ruby Heart

‘Ruby Heart’ featured in ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’

5. Finally you are invited on a mission to a New World (unfortunately you cannot take any members of your family, friends or pets). Please tell us:-

a) Your favourite fictional character to accompany you?

Mary Poppins because her magic bag would come in very useful.

b) Your favourite book?

I know it says only one but I have Mary Poppins with me so I am bringing ALL my favourites.

Although I think the one I read over and over the most times is ‘Roverandom’ by J.R.R. Tolkein

c) Your favourite song?

Again I have too many to name, but OK my one song I will go with is  Ballroom Blitz  this song was the first vinyl record I bought with my own pocket money  by my favourite band ‘Sweet’ although the version I love the most is by Tia Carrere featured in Wayne’s World’.  This is a real party song so the whole new world would be happy & dancing.

d) Your favourite food & drink to take with you (we don’t know what will be available on the New World).

I love a good steak, medium rare with chips and French mustard, crème brule for dessert plus a glass of Australian Merlot to accompany it. Then the meal would not be complete unless I finished off with a liqueur coffee possibly bailey’s or tia maria with lots of floating cream. Oh my,  I am feeling so hungry now, my mouth is watering just thinking about all this.  

e) Finally, tell us the one (Yes, that is just ONE) item you cannot live without?

My glasses, otherwise I will not be able to see the wonder of this New World and I could not read all the books in Mary Poppins bag.

 Here are Rose’s books with a short description:-

‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’

TMGT Book cover‘A grandfather clock has a face and a voice. As its name suggests, it is more than a piece of furniture; it is a member of the family’
Richard C.R. Barder 1983

DECEMBER 1880. There will be no jolly Christmas cheer this year. The harsh winter had descended; snow blankets the ground and the lake is frozen solid. Within the walls of Clement Cottage, the fire is dwindling, its embers barely bright enough to cast the shadow of the broken man upon the wall. Cole is lost in his deep sadness; he has just one heartfelt wish. To be re-united with his beloved, the soulmate so cruelly stolen from him – Cornelia.

A sad mournful ticking comes from a blackened corner of the parlour where a longcase clock is hidden. Tall and stately, noble of face, loud of voice and keeper of great secrets, he is Grandfather Time. Bestowed with the gift of magic from Old Father Time himself, as he begins to chime out the magical hour of midnight, can he grant Cole his wish?

The book includes An Introduction to Grandfather Time.

‘Rainbows & Roses ~ Poetry & Prose’ (FULL colour with beautiful images throughout)

R & R front‘Today I am the soft summer rain,
You are my sweet golden sunshine.
Together we’ll build us a rainbow
To last, a life time.’

‘Rainbows and Roses’ is a delightful selection of whimsical short stories, along with a collection of poetry inspired by memories from childhood, the environment, together with a little bit of fun.

‘One Breath’: a heartfelt story of love and loss.

‘The Symbolism of the Rose’: with some basic history, myths & legends surrounding the ‘Queen of Flowers’.

‘Grandfather Time’: An ancient longcase clock with a spark of magic.

‘Lost Love in Spring’ ~ Includes an A~Z of Herbal Remedies

160710 Final with A -Z‘…And many a weary heart shall sing The Snowdrop bringeth Hope and Spring.’
(From the book Poetry of the Flowers by Mrs CM Kirtland 1800)

Hope is all Emmeline has.

Under rolling storm clouds and raging thunder, the Gods unleash their wrath upon the earth, and in the chaos of the countryside awash with rivulets, Alfie Beeson is felled by some unseen force. With a desperate burst of strength, Emmeline drags her unconscious husband back to their cottage.

Throughout the winter she ministers to his needs, following her Grandmother Aspasia’s recipes collected over the years in her delicately penned ‘Home Remedies’. Alfie appears to be on the mend when the gentle, shivering snowdrops begin to raise their dainty heads above the snow, bringing hope. However, as the little flowers creep from the forest up to the cottage, Alfie takes a turn for the worse.

By the time the blooms are close enough to tap upon the door, she has lost her love. Grieving and bereft, Emmeline tries to cope without her soulmate. Her broken heart causes even her gentle artwork to suffer. Paintings are left unfinished in the parlour.

With the arrival of The Anniversary comes a surprise visitor. Will this visitor rekindle the light in Emmeline’s delicate brown eyes?

Can the hole in her heart ever be healed?

This heartfelt short story now includes a sample of some of Aspasia Cherry’s A~Z of Herbal Remedies along with poetry, a few myths and a little magic about the local flora that would have been found in and around Emmeline’s cottage.

‘Young Ebenezer ~ A New Christmas Carol’

Kindle Cover small

This story is a seasonal treat, a modern, lyrical re-telling of the Charles Dickens classic – ‘A Christmas Carol.’

The book is specially designed for families to share during the Holiday Season, or for young competent readers to try for themselves. This book is a beautiful gift to treasure, with full colour images on every page.

Eb is a spoilt child who really is not one for caring, and he certainly hates sharing. He is watched over by a very special guardian – the family’s ancient longcase clock, who is bestowed with magic. His name is Grandfather Time.

On Christmas Eve Grandfather Time decides he must teach the boy a lesson. So he calls upon his friends; the Ghosts of Past, Present and Future and with lessons to learn he brings forth the first tutor – a little golden-red King Charles spaniel, called Miss Ruby Heart.

Will this unlikely pair be able to teach the boy the error of his ways? Or will he be doomed to be a scruffy, lonely teenager stuck forever in his own little world?

Seal Mother cover & kindleSeal Mother ~ A Selkie Tale in Verse

One lonely seal
in the midst of the ocean
rolls on the waves
to the rhythmical motion.
The seal watches over
the child on the sand.
Her lovely young daughter
born of the land.

On Midsummer’s Eve seals swim up onto the sand, shed their skin and transform into beautiful young women to give thanks to the mysterious Moon Goddess.

Lost in dance, no one notices a shimmering sealskin being stolen; leaving one beautiful Selkie trapped on the land forever.
Can an unlikely friend help her reclaim her skin, or is she destined to remain forever in human form?

‘Seal Mother’ – a magical Selkie tale of love, loss and deceit, told in verse.

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Happy Reading

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