Justice for Gingers.

Wonderful poem I believe inspired by this years #UKIndieLitFest and perhaps a particular ginger Indie Author?

Bernie-The-Bolt {Poet} 🌈🥰

“Roll up. Roll up. Read the Sunday Times”.
It is filled with Harrowing Crimes of the Ginger Dragons.
Which lurk like Citizens Zero, classed as an Anti-Hero.
Ever geeky because of the colour of their hair.
C’mon tell me now. How is that even fair?
You can argue that it’s Strawberry Blonde, got to quote the truth,
the whole truth and nothing but the truth; on top of that Glossy Bible.
Oooooo Naughty Nigel. Bad Boy again!!
Perming his ginger mop, to bust the Crimson; Discriminatory Chain.
BIG FAT FAIL! They all go at the pace of a Scrawny Snail!
Now, that guy named David Driver; gets his Hobnobs for a Fiver.
From his local corner shop, where it is: Snap. Crackle. Pop.
We need to get some Justice for these Gingers, who keep on suffering
Toxic Prejudice; from those Purple Teenage, Turtle Ninjas.
“Right”, said Fred. “I’ve had enough…

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