UK Indie Lit Fest 2017

How truly wonderful to have the lovely blogger Kate do a special write up of this years #UKIndieLitFest held at Kala Sangam in Bradford, on Saturday 26th August 2017.

Kate managed to overcome her fear of putting herself first and managed to read some of her wonderful poetry in one of our afternoon workshops. It did help that the #IndieArmy are like one big happy family and she was welcomed with open arms.

Thank you Kate for a wonderful blog review and excellent images.

Regards Su aka Rose English 🙂

Made A Hames Out Of It

A few months ago I met Dawn Singh in a group on Facebook and she asked if I’d like to attend the UK Indie Lit Fest as a guest blogger. Of course I would. A chance to promote myself and meet some like minded authors. If I’m completely honest events such as this scare the bejesus out of me, as a self confessed introvert this is my worst nightmare.

I am not about to let that stop me though. I’m all about facing my fears these days 🙂

The event was being held at Kala Sangam in Bradford, a beautiful building built in 1886, formerly Bradford’s General Post Office. The venue is now an arts centre, bringing together arts and cultures from all over Bradford.

Kala – meaning arts and Sangam –  ‘a meeting point which reflects the coming together of people through artistic ventures.’ – 

In it’s first…

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