#SIBA Summer Indie Book Awards Paranormal

Well I think this is one of the biggest categories and some really wonderful selections.

Here is one of my all time favourite reads ‘Crimson Moon’ by Sherri A. Wingler


Y Sherri Moon

To vote in the Paranormal category click HERE

If voting for ‘Crimson Moon’ check you have the correct Author Sherri A Wingler

A Portrait of Pain by Jane Washington
A Quanta of Magick by P Mattern
Auburn Tides by P Mattern and P.T. Macias
Beauty and the Beast: An Adult Fairytale Romance by Vivienne Savage
Beyond the Red Hood by Ronald Edward Griffin
Bittersweet by Aliya DalRae
Bound Through Blood by Alexis Kennedy
Burgundy Skies by P Mattern and P.T. Macias
Celtic Fire by Liz Gavin
Chade by Montana Ash
Chasing Shadows by Kindra Sowder
Collateral Damage by Susan Harris
Congregation of Darkness by P Mattern
Crimson Bayou by Alizabeth Lynn
Crimson Moon by P Mattern and P.T. Macias
Crimson Moon by Sherri A Wingler
Cursed by the Fountain of Youth by Holly Kelly
Dark Lovers (Iron Wolves book 5) by Elle Boon
Dark Secrets of a Dhampir by P Mattern
Deceit Can be Deadly by Nicky Charles
Dragon Blues by Ophelia Bell
Dragon Void by Ophelia Bell
Earth No. 105 Birth by Ame Terra
Embellished by Karen Glista
Fallen for Death by Veronique Poirier
Full Moon Falling Faster by P Mattern
Grey (The Covenant of Shadows book 1) by Kade Cook
Immaginario by C.L. Monaghan
In the Cards by Angela D’Onofrio
Isobel (Dark Warrior Alliance book 6) by Brenda Trim and Tami Julka
Jill by Rose Montague
Jonas (Stone Society book 8) by Faith Gibson
Kate (A Paranormal Lusnamce) by Krihstin Zink
Made to Suffer (Journeyman book 3) by Golden Czermak
Midnight’s Balance by Monica Corwin
My Champion by Alanea Alder
My Guardian Gryphon by Krystal Shannan
Night Orchid by L. Lombard
NightMares Rise: Dark Shores Trilogy book 1 by Mirren Hogan and Erin Yoshikawa
Paranormal Contact Volume 3 by Jeff Treleqicz
Revelation by Danielle James
Resurrection by Danielle James
Rogue Warrior by Brenda Trim and Tami Julka
Ruby Passions by P Mattern
Running on Empty (Journeyman book 6) by Golden Czermak
Savage (Rise of the Pride book 3) by Theresa Hissong
Savage Bayou by Alizabeth Lynn
Scarlet Storms by P Mattern and P.T. Macias
Shades of Red by P Mattern and P.T. Macias
Simone (Desires of Blood book 5) by Ethan Radcliff
Snow Blood: Season 4 by Carol McKibben
Soul Journey by Miranda Shanklin
Stealing Light by Julie Cassar
Strident House by P Mattern
Sweet Discovery by Aliya DalRae
Temptations by Bryce Evans
The Devil’s Highway (Journeyman book 4) by Golden Czermak
The Good Teacher Lorraine Carey
The Protectors: Sloan by Teresa Gableman
The Protectors: Blaze by Teresa Gableman
The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter by Jennifer Malone Wright
Then Hell Followed (Journeyman book 5) by Golden Czermak
Triple Cursed: Dark Indiscretions book 4 by Shakuita Johnson
Under the Blood Moon by Alexis Kennedy
Vindicta (The Liquidator Wars book 1) by P Mattern and Kindra Sowder
Wedding of the Dead by P Mattern and Danielle James
When Darkness Breaks (The Underground Guardians book 1) by Brianna West
Windslinger by JM Guillen
IBB love Indie Books

Happy Voting

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