#SIBA Summer Indie Book Awards Poetry

Here are the listings for the many wonderful Poetry Books nominated in this years Summer Indie Book Awards


5 More Words by Jaxson Kidman
A Circus of Emotions by Shefali Banjeri
Balls Deep: The Erotic Poetry of Chris Genovese by Chris Genovese
Beautifully Broken by Amanda Leigh
Between the Cushions by Erin Lee
Down and Dirty Prose by Ethan Radcliff
Dreams of an Empowered Soul Anthology by Lea Winkelman
Inhale Love Exhale Poetry by Lo-arna Green
Leaf by Joanne Van Leerdam
Looking Back Teesa Mee
Love Letters Destroyed by Winter M. Balefire
Nova by Joanne Van Leerdam
Partners in Rhyme – Volume 1 by Sharon Johnson and Ryan Baird
Stained Glass by Joanne Van Leerdam
Standing Room Only by Ethan Radcliff
The Gospel of Everyone: A Poetic Retelling of the Gospel of Luke by Paul Totah
TransVerse by Theodore Ashford
Words on the Wind by Cindy J. Smith
IBB love Indie Books

Happy Voting

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