#SIBA Summer Indie Book Awards Romance

Romance is one of the biggest categories in this year’s Summer Indie Book Awards, with  so many great Indie Romantics. One of our Indie Friends whom we are voting for this year is  Maddie Wade with ‘Stolen Dreams’.


To vote for Maddie or one of your own romantics click HERE

A Boy I Used to Love by Jaxon Kidman and London Casey
A Way Back into Love by Veronica Thatcher
Advance (Advance Industries #3) by K A Duggsy
All She Never Wanted by Carolyn LaRoche
An Imperfect Engagement by Alyssa Drake
Awakened (The Fighter Series #3) by TC Matson
Beautiful Sacrifice by Gen Ryan
Bite Me Part 1 by Julian Napier
Bite Me Part 2 by Julian Napier
Blaire by Anita Gray
Bound by an Echo by Virginia Lee Johnson and Julia Claire
Broken Boundaries by Kaitlyn Ashley
Brokenhearted by Bella Emy
Burn with Me by Rachael Tonks
Changing Lanes by Leaona Luxx
Christmas at Moosehead Lake by Penny Harmon
Corrupted Hearts by Julian Napier
Dating-ish by Penny Reid
Deadly Obsession by K L Humpreys
Declain by Caitlyn O’Leary
Disillusion by Alice C. Hart
Distracted No More by Thia Finn
Engaged to an Alien Pop Star by Kendra L. Saunders
Every Night Without You: Caine and Addison by Violet Duke
Fighting for Alexa by Jennifer Ann
Finding me (The Music Within book 3) by Faith Gibson
Fit for a King by Susan Fisher-Davis
Forgotten (A McKenzie Ridge Novel book 3) by Stephanie St. Klaire
Fractured by Nicci Mayne
Fractured Beat by R B Hilliard
From a Distance by LM Carr
Game Plan TJ Penn
Harley and Rose by Carmen Jenner
Hart of Country by Kris Nacole
Hayden’s Timbre by Thia Finn
Heartstrings by Regina Frame
Her Highland Hero by YM Zachery
His to Own by Autumn Winchester
House of Refuge by Jamie Lynn Boothe
Imperfect by Ella Linden
J.C. and the Bijoux Jolis by Katy Regnery
Living for the Badman (Russian Bravta book 4) by Hayley Faiman
Living out Loud (The Living Series book 2) by Melody Dawn
Lost in Scotland by Hilaria Alexander
Lucca by Sarah Brianne
Marry Me Mad by Katy Regnery
Melting Steel by C M Seabrook
Moody by C M Seabrook
My Light by Echo Hart
Nights are Unlimited by Michael James
Once Upon a Pastry by Ashley Uzzell
Pirate Heiress by Chloe Flowers
Refusing to Expire by Tricia Daniels
Rights of Heirdron by Newland Moon
Seaside Whispers by Melissa Foster
Second Draft by C M Seabrook
Silhouette by SE Cooper
Solid Ground by Megan Green
Somebody Else’s Sky by Jessica Hawkins
Something in the Way by Jessica Hawkins
Special Occasions by Grace Augustine
Stark Shadows by CD Bradley
Stolen Dreams by Maddie Wade
Subway Stops and the Places We Meet by Mindy Hayes and Michele G Miller
Tap Dancing with the Devil by Faith Gibson
Tempting Jo by Nancee Cain
Tequila and Tailgates by Andrea Johnston
The Bench by Rebecca Morean
The Bet by D.K. Combs
The Foreigner by A.C. Jade
The Friend Zone by Nikki Strycharz
The Manhattan Memoirs: Volume 1 by JD Lexx
The Manhattan Memoirs: Volume 2 by JD Lexx
The Morning After by Erin Lee and Jamie Lynn Boothe
The Other One by Jiffy Kate
The Precious Ruby by Chloe Renee
The Souvenir by Emma Nichols
This Crazy Forbidden Thing by London Casey
Timing is Everything by Sybl Shae
Toli and Tessa (Las Vegas Sidewinders book 6) by Kat Mizera
Whatever it Takes by Stephanie Smith
White Knuckles by Autumn Jones Lake
Why Lie? by Carey Haywood
Wordless by Alyne Roberts
Written in the Stars by Adriana Locke
Yours to Love (Yours To… book 1) by Cathy Jackson

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