#SIBA Summer Indie Book Awards Short Stories

We love short stories they are great when you have so little time that you don’t want to start a full length novel. Although we do know there are readers out there who are not great fans, but each to there own.

We are voting for ‘Lost Love in Spring’ by Rose English it’s almost like a two in one book. A heartfelt short story and then an A~Z of Herbal Remedies, which include a poem about the plants, along with its ancient and modern day use.

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08 Lost Love

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To vote for ‘Lost Love in Spring’ or one of the other wonderful Indie Shorts listed below click HERE

Camp Nightmare: A Short Story by Franny Marie
Chaz: Death Riders 3 by Ethan Radcliff
Check Mate by Ken Fry
Four Days to Valentine’s by Jade Whitfield
Freeing his Dark Edges (book 1.5) by Kane Caldwell
Hunting Vampires with Grandma by Ashley Uzzell
Initiation: Hell House by Jay Michael Wright II
Lost Love in Spring by Rose English
New Horizons by Joanne Van Leerdam
Riding Home (Death Riders book 4) by Ethan Radcliff
Talon: USS Trinity by Jay Michael Wright II
The Hotel Alabama: Room 23 by Jay Michael Wright II
The Independents: A Short Story by Aaron L Speer
The Negative Man: Prelude to Chaos by Jeremy Croston
What Am I? by Veronique Poirier
When Leaves Fall by C.A. King
Where Old Acquaintance be Forgot by Jay Michael Wright II
IBB love Indie Books

Happy Voting


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