#IndieAuthorWeekUK Showcasing Books by Indie Authors 04

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UK Indie Lit Fest Authors

#IndieAuthorWeekUK and we are again sharing more Indie Author books from writers appearing at the #UKIndieLitFest which will be on Saturday 28/07/2018 at Kala Sangam in Bradford. Click the logo below for more info

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Today’s Indie Books

A Witch her Cat and a Pirate by Graham A Rhodes

Introducing Agnes, a three hundred year old witch who lives in the present day Scarborough, a small town on the Yorkshire Coast, and who travels through time via a bricked up doorway in the cellar of her ancient home that she shares with Marmaduke, her unusual, one-eyed cat.

When Agnes passes through the bricked up doorway she travels through time, when Marmaduke goes through the doorway he not only time travels but also changes into a large, one eyed, ginger haired mercenary, and Agnes’ right hand man. In this their first novel, set against the historical backdrop of the Battle of Flamborough in 1779, they discover a troop of mysterious guerrilla fighters set on a secret mission to destroy the guns of the towns Castle.

Waiting for the Rains by Roger J. Barton

A memoir of Africa, the life of an expatriat in the 1970s and 80s. reflecting everyday life and struggles of ordinary people.

Testing Times by Sharena Lee Satti

Honest raw poetry that speaks to your inner spirit and touches your soul

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