#IndieAuthorWeekUK Showcasing Books by Indie Authors 07

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UK Indie Lit Fest Authors

#IndieAuthorWeekUK celebrating more wonderful #IndieAuthors from around the UK these posts are particularly sharing the books of writers attending the 3rd #UKIndieLitFest FREE Book Event being held at Kala Sangam click HERE to see how to get to the venue and find out more about it.

Saturday 28/07/2018 is the the date for this FREE Book Event Click the logo below for more info which is on the Lit Fest website. We are all very excited. Plus it is Family Friendly and FREE.

lit fest

This evenings Indie Books

Tonights selection includes small bites of poetry and prose, short stories and a wonderful story of intrigue.

A Pocketful of Surprises by Michael Wombat

Eight short tales of surprise and delight that you can slip in your pocket.

“What do you fancy?” said Satan. “How about a nice cake?”
“You said I could have anything I wanted – why would I ask for cake?”
“Who doesn’t like cake?” he smiled. I simply stared into his curiously striking eyes. “Ah well, it was worth a try,” he said. “Go on then, what do you want?”
“I … I don’t know. What’s the catch? Will I have to go to Hell when I die?”
“Only if you want to. It’s quite a nice place, actually.”
“Hell is ‘quite nice’?”
“Oh yes, though all the books are missing the last chapter. Otherwise it’s not unlike one of those woodland holiday villages.”

Rainbows & Roses ~ Poetry & Prose by Rose English

‘Rainbows and Roses’ is a delightful selection of whimsical short stories, along with a collection of poetry inspired by memories from childhood, the environment, together with a little bit of fun.


‘One Breath’: a heartfelt story of love and loss.

‘The Symbolism of the Rose’: with some basic history, myths & legends surrounding the ‘Queen of Flowers’.

‘Grandfather Time’: An ancient longcase clock with a spark of magic.

Ring of Lies by Victoria Howard

Daniel Elliot dies in a single-car accident one rainy English night. His wife, Grace, is grief stricken. Although their marriage was imperfect, sheltered Grace doesn’t relish the future alone.

She soon learns how little she knew about Daniel. There are secrets: an alias, a strange list of numbers, a house in Florida – and a mistress who’s a dead ringer for Grace.

Terrified but determined, she flies to Florida. Underworld figures stalk her…and so does the other woman. To her surprise, handsome FBI man Jack West takes the case. Grace has a past with the troubled agent. Despite her efforts, she finds herself falling for him all over again.

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7 thoughts on “#IndieAuthorWeekUK Showcasing Books by Indie Authors 07

  1. Oh I am loving these posts for #IndieAuthorWeekUK and thank you for featuring my book of poetry and prose. I have met many of the authors at the UK Indie Lit Fest and it is like visiting family. I love to visit with Michael Wombat he often has a stash of goodies he is rather partial to curly wurly’s. Victoria is a lovely person too she’s like a helpful big sister. Visit http://www.ukindielitfest.com to find out more. Happy Reading everyone hope you manage to find a new exciting Indie Author (or two or three maybe) to follow this week. 🙂

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