#IndieAuthorWeekUK Showcasing Books by Indie Authors 09

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UK Indie Lit Fest Authors

#IndieThursday and today my lovely Indie Author friend Maria Gibbs is featured on this promo slide with Book 2 from the series ‘Children from the Streets’ this is one of my all time favourite reads. Click to enlarge the image below to see the inspiration behind the story.


Maria and all the other Indie Writers on these promo slides are appearing at this year’s  #UKIndieLitFest FREE Book Event 28/7/2018 at Kala Sangam in Bradford Yorkshire. Click the link below to find out more about them.

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#IndieThursday recommended reads

Sins of the Father by Maria Gibbs

Having seen first-hand the results of starvation, abuse, and murder, Carlos Suarez knows all too well that the streets of Rio are no place for a child to grow up.

Because of his own history and subsequent rescue from that poverty at the age of fifteen, he makes it his life’s work to ensure opportunities are available to the future generations of Brasil’s homeless children—but no matter how many kids Carlos saves, it’s never enough for him.

Almost to the point of obsession.

Little Unicorn – What’s Your Name? by Ladey Adey & Abbirose Adey

What’s Your Name? Little Unicorn does not know his name. Join Little Unicorn in his quest to find his name whilst learning his days of the week and seven new colours. A children’s story book from 2 years – 7 years and for unicorn lovers old and new. Ideal for reading with children and special pages at the back for guided writing and colouring. Beautiful illustrations and each page is full of colour to inspire reading in young children and give the Wonder of the Unicorn.

Light the Way by Joe Kipling

In the near future, when the world’s population has been decimated by disease, the fortunate few live inside the Boundary, while the unlucky ones are left to die on the Outside. MaryAnn Hunter has crossed over to become a fugitive on the Outside. Hiding out in the Union headquarters MaryAnn is slowly coming to terms with the lies she has been brought up with.

But when a friend asks for help MaryAnny finds herself on a dangerous rescue mission that takes her on a terrifying journey back into the desperate clutches of the Director and the Light. MaryAnn faces a fight for survival. It’s a fight she must win against insurmountable odds – but is it one she is willing to win at any cost?

This is the second book in The Union Trilogy.


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