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UK Indie Lit Fest Authors

Finally for #FeatureFriday the last 3 Indie Authors representing the #UKIndieLitFest FREE Book Event 28/7/2018 at Kala Sangam in Bradford Yorkshire. It has been fab checking out some of the amazing Indie Books that will be available to purchase and get signed by the actual author on the day of the event.

Click the logo to find out more about how to get FREE tickets and check out the attending writers and poets.

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Last Indie Books for those attending the UK Indie Lit Fest

An Ordinary Spectator by John Rigg

An Ordinary Spectator: 50 Years of Watching Sport is a warm and engaging memoir of half a century of sports spectating – from Yorkshire to London to Scotland via New York and Sydney (and Minsk!). It presents a unique perspective on why live sport is compulsive viewing.

Through its “Seven Ages of Watching Sport”, the book aims to be far more than a simple “I was there” catalogue of sporting events – major and minor – over the last five decades. Rather, it offers some perceptive insights into what we derive from sports spectating and – from an individual’s perspective – what watching sport tells us about ourselves.

Charlie: If Only by T.L. Wainwright

**Adult Content**

CHARLIE: If Only is book 3 in the Damaged Alpha Series

Buckle-up and hold on tight, because even with a seatbelt this road gets rough. It doesn’t just have pot holes, it has great big **** craters.

Watch yourself!

The Runaway Girl by Debbie Ioanna

Problems at home lead to a drastic decision for sixteen-year-old Michelle, who decides to leave her Yorkshire home for the city lights of London in order to escape the toxic people she calls parents.

Mistreated by a step-father, Steven, who throws around his weight in verbal onslaughts and terrifying threats and constantly ignored by a mother who doesn’t see her partner for the man he really is, Michelle makes plans to leave them both behind.

But the bright possibility of London quickly fades as her lack of money, experience and friends means that the teenager has simply swapped one terrible situation for another.

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