Children’s Books for Jólabókaflóð

Day 24 Ruby

Children’s Advent Calendar of Books

Day 24 With an eclectic selection of #ChildrensBooks  by #IndieAuthors shared here for your pleasure to #CelebrateReading with Miss Ruby Heart (Click the image above to open in a new tab for ease of reading).


Happy Jólabókaflóð


Iceland’s ‘Yule Book Flood’

The exchanging of Books on Christmas Eve


The phonetic pronunciation is yo-la-bok-a-flot


A cultural phenomenon in Iceland is to spend the evening reading and eating chocolate.


Count us in, what could be better than being curled up with a book and chocolate on Christmas Eve. You can find out more about the tradition HERE.

Miss Ruby’s YouTube of the Advent Book Event

Click HERE to view the calendar

Happy Reading and Merry Christmas



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