#NewRelease ‘The Dark Woods Trilogy’

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***The Dark Woods Trilogy Series is complete***

This isn’t your grandmother’s fairytale.

In the old days, people whispered about the wolf, said he came only at night, and only by the light of the full moon. They locked their doors and huddled close to their fires, safe in the knowledge they could prepare for his coming. The truth is, no one is safe, because the wolf walks in the skin of the man. Always.

Harlow Hayes is a runaway, thief, and failed Southern belle. Forced to grow up fast after what her mama delicately referred to as, ‘the incident,’ she learns the hard way not all strangers are kind, real monsters hide in plain sight, and family can be found in the most unexpected places.
Harlow Hayes is about to meet the Wolf.

“Don’t miss The Dark Woods series by Sherri A. Wingler. If you like modern day fairytales, plots with more twists than a country road, and couples with explosive chemistry then this paranormal romance series will have you turning the pages! Come check it out!”

Review for Book 3 Hunter’s Moon

Hunter's Moon: Book 3 of The Dark Woods SeriesHunter’s Moon: Book 3 of The Dark Woods Series by Sherri A. Wingler

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG I am such a massive fan of this author she never ceases to amaze me. Thank you so much for allowing me to Beta Read this final book in the trilogy. The stories draw you in as if you are part of the family, part of the story. Truly phenomenal. I still adore that Grey describes Harlow as ‘peaches and rain , spiced with anger’.

In fact all the descriptions are so beautiful often with a little bit of a kick to them just like this one below:-

‘I let John hug me when they first blew in through the front door with a curl of cold air and a light flurry of snow. When he pulled me close, I smiled and whispered in his ear that I was gonna chop his bits and pieces off for telling Carol about the baby.’

If you have not read Book One in this twisted tale of ‘Red Riding Hood’ then what are you waiting for? Me I’m just waiting to add the print version to my stunning collection. This is a truly fitting conclusion to the trilogy

Very Highly Recommended

Book 1 Crimson Moon
Book 2 Feral Moon
Book 3 Hunter’s Moon

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2 thoughts on “#NewRelease ‘The Dark Woods Trilogy’

  1. You are always very welcome. We love your books, just looking forward to the print version but it is well worth waiting for. Thank you for sharing your stories with the world 🙂


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