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Here on this page there will be indie books from all genres (please note books are listed loosely by genre as many of the books cross over). Something for everyone check them out. If you find something you like, please share the news, leave a review & tell your friends. Happy Reading.

Biographical, Historical fiction & Non-fiction, Religion

Waiting for the Rains   WhatFatesImpose   LydiasSong   Sultan vs Dracula

Children’s Books

Witch 01      Dragon Lightning Childrens book by J.S. Burke  Dotty Book 01  Emy

Strange Tales 01  Jason 1





a57cd-png2bkindle2bcoverBarnacle Brat coverWendy houseUnlikely Soldiers 1





Ghost Stories, Horror, Gothic Horror

Abberton House  D Whitby's Darkess Secret Front  01 Beyond Death   Immortalis  


Mystery, Thrillers

Jasmine Frame 03  Grave Misconception Corrupt Money   Stolen Children


Testing Times   Book 2    Rainbows & Roses.jpg

Romance, Hot Romance, Romantic Suspence

Angel  Felicity cover[2585]  Tomek  02 House

01 Ties that Bind  Storm clouds   House of Secrets  Tears of Endurance  

A Spell in Provence

Paranormal, YA, Fantasy

Wings of Darkness  Dead Normal  Ancient Magic 01  Iniquity 1   02 Enchena  Immortal Flame    Grace 1  James

Science Fiction, Dystopian

Blinded 01  citizen-zero[4295]    The Rusty Old Tricycle of Abacus Shin    Open Mind

In Memory 1


Short Stories, Novello’s, Anthologies etc.

Museum   Love lost.jpg   160214 The Storm Creature Cover





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