#BookReview ‘Angels and Demons Trilogy’

Angels and Demons Trilogy: 1. FALLEN Angels; 2. Angels DESCENDANTS; 3. Angels NEMESIS by J.C. Seal My rating: **** 4 of 5 stars Book 01 of my Goodreads Challenge 2021   Unique stories of angels and demons Book 1 Fallen Angels I downloaded this wonderful trilogy as a Christmas treat for myself, having seen it … Continue reading #BookReview ‘Angels and Demons Trilogy’


#BookReview for Young Ebenezer ~ Confronts the School Bully

Book Review by Laura on Goodreads. ‘A Halloween treat, much better than sweets.’ The story of ‘Ebenezer and the Bully’ is a magical rhyming tale of behaviour matters, and the importance of being kind. It’s a treat for families to share or for reading alone, aimed at children aged 8-12 years old. With characters loosely … Continue reading #BookReview for Young Ebenezer ~ Confronts the School Bully

Welcome! If I could read your mind: Poetry new writing community

New #Poetry community just set up drop by and say hi they are accepting submissions links below

If I Could Read Your Mind: Poetry

We are brand spanking new and need Poets and Photographers to showcase.

This a free promo site. Unlike a regular Novel/story it is very hard for a poet to accumulate enough material to release a volume of work let alone several times a year like novelist. We eventually will get where we will publish volumes of your work if you choose to participate when the time comes.

OUR facebook group —> https://www.facebook.com/If-I-could-Read-Your-Mind-Poetry-105301541378022

email for submissions is ificouldreadyourmind@gmail.com

twitter and instagram links will be coming soon

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Book News ‘The Tragic Silence Series’ #Revamp

Featured music: The Unquiet Grave by Adrianna Deligianni. Check out the full song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pB0g59T8Pg0 SERIES BLURB Reborn. Remastered. Revamped. Come into the night and discover 250 years of vampirism like never before with updated cover artworks and interiors. The Tragic Silence series chronicles a host of characters as they are thrust into a world … Continue reading Book News ‘The Tragic Silence Series’ #Revamp

Challenge ~ Throw a Dice for Memories of a character in a book

This sounds like fun check it out over on Diana’s blog post. She gives a great introduction to one of the main characters in her novel ‘Missing Past and Present’

Diana Jackson's Muse, Views and Reviews


When Dot in ‘MISSING Past and Present’ threw a dice she remembered scenes of her life as if they were pages in her own book. Her back story.

AUTHORS ~ Think of a character in your book or one of your novels that you are proud of.

READERS ~ Think of a character in a novel you really enjoyed recently.

If a throw of a SIX represents the best day or ‘happening’ to the character of your choice and a ONE the worst, can you write down memories from ONE TO SIX.

The challenge is to choose moments in their lives which intrigue a reader into wanting to know more, without giving the whole plot away.

I’m going to begin. Just to give you an idea I am going to chose Jamal. ~an important character in my novel.

A short character description ~ Jamal is a Syrian…

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#NewRelease ‘Charlie’ by Chris Turnbull

Charlie by Chris Turnbull Five years ago Joseph Michaels found a vintage military coat that changed his life forever. Now, he has stumbled across something even more valuable. His Grandfathers old war diaries. Through the pages of Charlie’s diaries Joe is taken back to WW2, where he learns so much more about his Grandfathers past … Continue reading #NewRelease ‘Charlie’ by Chris Turnbull