36 Book Banter with William Coniston

Introducing William Coniston 1. #IndieBookBanter today welcomes William Coniston.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and the best place for us to find out more. My home is in West Yorkshire and my novels are scary adventures for children from 8 upwards but all ages enjoy them and I’ve even heard from readers in … Continue reading 36 Book Banter with William Coniston


Blog: UK Indie Lit Fest proved a real treat for Bradford book lovers

This is a wonderful blog by Mark Cantrell written for last years UK Indie Lit Fest worth checking out 🙂

Mark Cantrell, Author

So let’s hear it for the #indiearmy 

In a marketplace dominated by big publishers, indie authors and small presses often struggle to be heard, writes Mark Cantrell. But last week’s UK Indie Lit Fest in Bradford provided a friendly forum for them to find their voice – and some readers

DSCF3051 J.B Priestley at the Kala Sangam Arts Centre, Bradford. Photo by Mark Cantrell

YOU can take the man out of journalism, but it seems you can’t quite take the journalism out of the man. There I was, attending the UK Indie Lit Fest, with a new novel – Citizen Zero – hot off the press, but rather than seek eager readers for my book I kept breaking off to interview authors.

Well, I’ve never claimed to be great at selling myself – or my work – but that’s the curious thing about the Indie Lit Fest, if that round…

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UK Indie Lit Fest 2018 first authors announced 01

So this year sees the 3rd UK Indie Lit Fest Book Event taking place in Bradford, West Yorkshire. This month the attending authors and poets will begin to be announced. So far there have been eight announcements to find out more click the logo. First announced writers attending this year's #UKIndieLitFest click on their names … Continue reading UK Indie Lit Fest 2018 first authors announced 01