Author of the Month – Rose English

Meet Indie Author Rose English recently interviewed by the lovely Maria Gibbs


 I will be featuring one author of the month who will spotlight with a brief interview and showcase their books. For anyone who has signed up to my email mailing list you will be entered into a prize draw, a week after I send my newsletter, to win an e-copy of one of the spotlight author’s books.

This month we will be starting with a lady who I have come to know well and have the pleasure of calling friend. I know her by the name of Su but she writes under the name of Rose English.

thumbnail_Rose English.jpg

1. Do you write as a full-time author or do you have to squeeze it in around a full-time job or looking after the children? If you don’t write as your main job what are your aims for your writing?

I work four days a week in a hospital taking care of the…

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Immortalis by G.M. Sherwin #Sci-Fi Horror

#IndieAuthor attending this years #UKIndieLitFest the FREE Book Event in Bradford 26/08/2017




One man’s pursuit of the unknown will unleash an ancient evil.

An Immortal will rise up from the darkness.

On the last planet to be colonized by humans, astrophysicist Ash Palmer will set in motion events that will change the history and future for the human race.

Still trying to come to terms with a horrific tragedy he sets out to finish his father’s life’s work

There are others who are interested in Palmers work that will stop at nothing, no matter what the cost to prevent an ancient prophecy becoming a reality.

In his search, Palmer encounters a stranger who will turn his world upside down with revelations about his own origins and that of one other whose fates are linked.

What he discovers will lead him into darkness and the battle for his very soul will begin…


Oh this is…

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UK Indie Lit Fest 2017

Wow thanks for the plug Kate looking forward to meeting you at the event 🙂

My Random Wonderingments...

I have exciting things to tell you about, so get settled and listen up…

lit fest

On August the 26th 2017 there will be an incredible, free, festival taking place in Bradford and I urge you all to not miss it. Come and join us 🙂

UK Indie Lit Fest is only in its second year but it has brought together some fantastic authors from all over the country and given people the chance to engage with authors across the world in the ‘International hub’.

I was very kindly asked to attend as a guest blogger and I am buzzing with excitement for all the wonderful things that are taking place on the day.

With over 40 authors attending this year you’re sure to find something of interest.

Many of the authors are busy right now putting together workshops for you lovely people ready for anyone who is thinking of entering…

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Ban that Bloody Burqa.

Bernie tells us this is her favourite piece to date, check it out.

Bernie-the-Bolt {Poet}

“We are not Racist”. This is what they say.
But BAN that Bloody Burqa.
This is England not Pakistan.
Woah! Spot the Terrorist if ya can!
Multiculturalism quoting:
‘Allah’s’ God forsaken rules.
Getting diced into little pieces.
Fragile ‘Horses. Bleeding Fools’.
If we entered your Country,
we’d be forced to change.
So, don’t come over here,
flogging ‘Dead Chickens’.
From, your Copper Range.
Feminist Divisions with Dominant clothing.
Designed to cover the skin.
We’re all like Biscuits getting crushed
and boxed into a shiny, metal tin.
We like to look at people’s face, when they talk.
But, intimidating eyes; they back, crack stare.
For, it makes us rather curious,
to know what is hidden under there?
Is it a Narcissistic, inconsiderate Human?
With a brain like Pacman’s Core?
Or a melancholic soul that longs,
for life; to offer so much more?
You might call the Fascists, the Communists;
The Marxists…

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