950: 1066 Remembered, Interview: Glynn Holloway

#BooksWeLove ‘1066: What Fates Impose’ by Glynn Holloway is a truly remarkable read we have been fortunate enough to have Glynn as one of our Indie Author Friends who has joined us for the UK Indie Lit Fests. We are looking forward to meeting him again at the Morley Indie Book Fair on Saturday 7th October.

before the second sleep

1066: What Fates Impose is a recipient of The Wishing Shelf Book Awards Gold Medal 2014 (click image for more about the author)

Nearly a thousand years ago today—951, to be exact—a battle took place at Stamford Bridge at East Riding of Yorkshire, between the English King Harold Godwinson and Norwegian Harald Hardrada. Though the Norwegian was aided by the English king’s brother Tostig, the victory went to Harold. Icelandic historian, mythologist, poet and politician Snorri Sturluson writes that before the battle a lone man rides up to Harald and Tostig with a message that the latter could re-gain his lost earldom if he turns against Hardrada. Tostig asks what King Harald would gain from this. “Seven feet of English ground, as he is taller than other men,” comes the reply. Impressed by the now-departed rider’s fearlessness, Hardrada asks Tostig who the man was. Tostig tells him this was Harold…

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My Indie Author Friends in #SIBA Summer Indie Book Awards 2017

Tonight at Midnight is the close of voting for this years #SummerIndieBookAwards let us cast our final votes and help give some wonderful Indie Authors the recognition they deserve. Thank You & Happy Voting 🙂

Rose English UK

170708 SIBA Indie Friends

A few of my lovely Indie Author friends and I have been nomiated for this year’s Summer Indie Book Awards for which we all feel blessed. There are only a couple of days left to vote so I hope you will help me #SpreadTheWord to #ReadMoreIndie and vote for your favourites.

Anthology ‘Ghostly Writes’ click HERE

Two of my lovely Indie Author Friends have their stories in the Children’s Category so if you wish to vote for both you need to do this together same day same time

Children’s Category ‘A Home for Emy’ by Chris Turnbull vote HERE

Children’s Category ‘Dragon Lightning’ by Jenny S. Burke click HERE

Horror Category ‘Dead Normal’ by DM Singh vote HERE

Mystery Category ‘The Curse of Arundel Hall’ by J New click HERE

Paranormal Category ‘Crimson Moon’ by Sherri A Wingler vote HERE

Romance Category ‘Stolen Dreams’ by Maddie Wade click HERE


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#SIBA Summer Indie Book Awards Science Fiction

Here are the Science Fiction nominees for the Summer Indie Book Awards Click HERE to vote Absolute Knowledge by Drew Cordell Burning Through Their Eyes by Eugene Knight Eden's Demise by Angelique Anderston Emerald: The Third in the Trinity Series Novels by CG Blade Extinction Aftermath by Nicholas Sansbury Smith Gladiator: A Scifi Alien Romance … Continue reading #SIBA Summer Indie Book Awards Science Fiction