#NewRelease Unlikely Soldiers Book Four: Murder & Mayhem

Unlikely Soldiers Book Four: Murder & Mayhem by Deb McEwan Book 17 of my Goodreads Challenge 2020 Unlikely Soldiers Book Four: Murder & Mayhem by Deb McEwan My rating: 5 of 5 stars This is Book 4 in the 'Unlikely Soldiers Series', and if you have not yet read the other books it is highly … Continue reading #NewRelease Unlikely Soldiers Book Four: Murder & Mayhem

And The Winner Is…

What a wonderful short story, a very worthy winner congratulations Debbie Ioanna. Click ‘View Original Post’  below to read the full story on Esther Newtons Blog.


Well, you certainly didn’t make it easy for me! Your stories had me laughing one minute, my jaw hanging open the next, followed by tears welling in my eyes. I found it so, so hard to choose a winning story. I whittled them down to a longlist, then a shortlist and then there were five. I read the five again and again and again. They each had pickme scrawled across them and I found it very hard not to.

In the end, I chose Debbie Ioanna‘s thoroughly entertaining A Quiet Shop.

A Quiet Shop


Debbie Ioanna

Thank goodness they had gone, Molly thought, as she fought her arthritic pains to pick up the discarded books and put them back on their shelves, making sure they were aligned with the correct price labels.

‘Children,’ she muttered under her breath. ‘Every weekend, damned children!’

Molly longed for…

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#CoverReveal ‘MISSING, Past and Present’

So excited to be part of the cover reveal of this new release MISSING, Past and Present By Diana Jackson To be launched on Friday 28th February 2020. (Click image to view more clearly) This is the second in Diana Jackson’s ‘Mystery Inspired by History’ series. 'MISSING, Past and Present' will be available in paperback on … Continue reading #CoverReveal ‘MISSING, Past and Present’