#HalloweenBooktacular with Roses and Dreams

So most of you will know that Facebook have changed their layouts recently some of it I admit is good. However, when it comes to events I cannot seem to grasp what the hell is happening. I love doing online events about books getting all my posts ready and setting up schedules. Sadly at the … Continue reading #HalloweenBooktacular with Roses and Dreams

Welcome! If I could read your mind: Poetry new writing community

New #Poetry community just set up drop by and say hi they are accepting submissions links below

If I Could Read Your Mind: Poetry

We are brand spanking new and need Poets and Photographers to showcase.

This a free promo site. Unlike a regular Novel/story it is very hard for a poet to accumulate enough material to release a volume of work let alone several times a year like novelist. We eventually will get where we will publish volumes of your work if you choose to participate when the time comes.

OUR facebook group —> https://www.facebook.com/If-I-could-Read-Your-Mind-Poetry-105301541378022

email for submissions is ificouldreadyourmind@gmail.com

twitter and instagram links will be coming soon

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Book News ‘The Tragic Silence Series’ #Revamp

Featured music: The Unquiet Grave by Adrianna Deligianni. Check out the full song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pB0g59T8Pg0 SERIES BLURB Reborn. Remastered. Revamped. Come into the night and discover 250 years of vampirism like never before with updated cover artworks and interiors. The Tragic Silence series chronicles a host of characters as they are thrust into a world … Continue reading Book News ‘The Tragic Silence Series’ #Revamp