#SIBA Summer Indie Book Awards Thriller

Here are the Indie Books in the Summer Indie Book Awards category Thriller

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A Tale of a Rough Diamond by P.J. Mann
Amstel Girl by Marco Marek
Anchor by Nicole Blanchard
Blood: Curse (Blood 1.1) by D.S. Wrights
Bound (The Mystery of Landon Miller book 2) by R.M. Gauthier
Cain – Rage of Angels by Elias Raven
Cascading Error: Critical by JM Guillen
Control (The Mystery of Landon Miller book 1) by R.M. Gauthier
Finding Forever by Amanda J Evans
Imposter by K. Larsen
Life Interrupted by Yessi Smith
Nightmares and Dreams by Jamie Lynn Boothe
Obsessed with the Kill: Abdul Uncut by TJ Weeks
Remnants by Carolyn Arnold
Snuffed (Snuff Series book 2-part 1) by Bonny Capps
The Bonner Incident by Thomas A Watson
The Lazarus Succession by Ken Fry
The Truth Will Out by Karen J Mossman
IBB love Indie Books

Happy Voting

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