Challenge ~ Throw a Dice for Memories of a character in a book

This sounds like fun check it out over on Diana’s blog post. She gives a great introduction to one of the main characters in her novel ‘Missing Past and Present’

Diana Jackson's Muse, Views and Reviews


When Dot in ‘MISSING Past and Present’ threw a dice she remembered scenes of her life as if they were pages in her own book. Her back story.

AUTHORS ~ Think of a character in your book or one of your novels that you are proud of.

READERS ~ Think of a character in a novel you really enjoyed recently.

If a throw of a SIX represents the best day or ‘happening’ to the character of your choice and a ONE the worst, can you write down memories from ONE TO SIX.

The challenge is to choose moments in their lives which intrigue a reader into wanting to know more, without giving the whole plot away.

I’m going to begin. Just to give you an idea I am going to chose Jamal. ~an important character in my novel.

A short character description ~ Jamal is a Syrian…

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