Book News ‘The Tragic Silence Series’ #Revamp

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Reborn. Remastered. Revamped.

Come into the night and discover 250 years of vampirism like never before with updated cover artworks and interiors. The Tragic Silence series chronicles a host of characters as they are thrust into a world where humanity and morals walk hand-in-hand with danger and darkness. From the Frankfurt underground to the Crimean battlefields, the streets of Liverpool to the cemeteries of Budapest, getting out alive will be their greatest challenge.

Watch the sun set for the final time, and let your choice be made…


The Tragic Silence series consists of four titles which can be read independently and in any order, but together combine to form a larger story. Each tale is told is by a different protagonist who is closely linked with the others.

The three novels, in chronological order, are Sepia and Silver, The Libelle Papers, and Tragic Silence. Darkest Dreams is a free collection of short stories which take place before, alongside and after the novels.


To celebrate the cover and trailer reveal, Book One, Sepia and Silver, is FREE in e-book from October 10th-12th! There’s never been a better time to discover the series in time for spooky season, so head on over to the links and sink your teeth in!

Sepia and Silver:

The Libelle Papers:

Tragic Silence:

Darkest Dreams: – available as a FREE e-periodical:


C. Hibbs is an award-winning author and artist, often found lost in the woods or in her own imagination. She adores nature, fantasy, and anything to do with winter. She also hosts a YouTube channel, discussing writing tips and the real-world origins of fairy tales. She lives with her family in Cheshire, England.






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