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Introducing Maria Gibbs

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  1. Welcome Maria we are so pleased to have you as our First #IndieBookBanter guest. May we say a big CONGRATULATIONS on the release of your first full length novel ‘A Boy From The Streets’.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and the best place for us to find out more.

Hello, my name is Maria and I’m from West London. I have been writing for as long as I can remember at a guess I would say from about 8 years old. I don’t stick to a certain genre, I write anything that is inside my head and needs to come out. I love writing and that alone is my motivation as I am happiest when I am lost in my own creations. I love writing in places of natural beauty but also like writing while I’m travelling.

Marias website

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2. Briefly tell us about your work in progress, what are you planning next?

I have literally just finished writing a book called ‘A Boy from the Streets’ which is set in Brasil and is about twin babies who are orphaned. Jose is adopted into a life of luxury in England but the other, Pedro ends up living on the streets of Rio. They are reunited 12 years later when Jose is brought back to Brasil and discovers that he is adopted and has a twin. Believing his parents no longer want him, he goes looking for his brother. I’ll leave it at that.

I have a number of work in progress novels that I can start on now but I think I might start a new one about one of the characters from Boy who has jumped out at me and is demanding I tell his story now.

I also have a love story that I need to edit which is a two-part series.

3. What was the most unusual source of inspiration for any of your books?

‘A Boy From The Streets’ will be the first novel that I have published but not the first book I have written. It was while I was researching for one of my other books which hasn’t been published yet, that I came up with the inspiration and the basic outline for the story. While reading ‘Small Wars Permitting: Dispatches from Foreign Lands’ by Foreign Correspondent Christina Lamb I came across something I hadn’t heard about before and it shocked me. This is taken from Christina’s book:

“There was one aspect of life in Rio I knew I would never get used to. Every morning when I arrived at my office downtown, there would be bundles in the doorways. After a while I discovered they had names and faces. These were children, some of the thousands – some say millions – of street kids who roam Brazil’s cities. Sometimes they would be sniffing glue from shoemakers’ tins or out of coke bottles for a high to dampen their hunger. Most Cariocas just step over them as if they were insects. Some areas like Ipanema had even erected iron railings round the parks to stop the children going in. The first year I lived in Rio, Amnesty International ran a series of advertisements: ‘Brazil has found a new way of taking its children off the streets – killing them.’ The book goes on to talk about 500 killings in one month alone, many of whom were children. “Death squads pick up and kill the street kids who so upset the tourists and the businesses dependent on tourism. Many of the squads are run by policemen who have no shame about their methods of cleaning up the streets.”

After the initial revulsion and the coldness that pervaded my body at the thought of what these poor children endured and disgust at humankind, the beginnings of a story formed. I picked up my pen and the words flowed.

4. Who was your favourite character to write about?

Jake from my WIP (work in progress) ‘Love Series’, he is a real rogue.

5. Finally you are invited on a mission to a New World (unfortunately you cannot take any members of your family, friends or pets). Please tell us:-

a) Your favourite fictional character to accompany you?

Joffrey de Peyrac from the ‘Angelique Series’ by Sergeanne Golon

b) Your favourite book?

‘The Sunne in Splendour’ or ‘There be Dragons’ by Sharon Penman

c) Your favourite song?

‘Always’ by Bon Jovi

d) Your favourite food & drink to take with you (we don’t know what will be available on the New World).

Homemade rice meat loaf & wine. 

e) Finally, tell us the one (Yes, that is just ONE) item you cannot live without?


Here are a list of Maria’s wonderful books with a short description:-

‘As Dreams Are Made On’

As Dreams in printNewly wed Matty Taylor is plagued by visions that force her to seek out a Gypsy at a local fair. Dragged violently into a frightening dream world, she is soon rescued by the mysterious Thomas Trevelyan and taken to his secluded house in the woods.

Will her husband, Donald, suspend his disbelief and wake her from her nightmare?

Can Thomas win her heart and keep her from the lure of her real life and the love of her husband?

‘A Lifetime Or A Season’

Athena finds herself in the wet and windy South Coast of England as she tries to forget the enigmatic man who ignited her dreams.

01Roberto seems determined to hold her at arm’s length but can’t seem to set her free once and for all.

Having lived in the shadows of her self-centred mother, Athena struggles to find her true identity.

A Lifetime or a Season is a journey of personal discovery for Athena as she takes an independent step into the unknown in order to achieve a life-long dream.

Will she find the love that she is searching for with Roberto or will the sacrifice be too much?

‘The Storm Creature’

At eighteen, Lucy had everything going for her: a supportive family, a rapt audience, and her dream of becoming a published author about to be realised.

160214 The Storm Creature CoverA single moment in time on a dark, rainy road changes things forever.

That was then, but this is now. Lucy has suffered through eight years of haunting visions and thoughts with every raging storm thanks to a tempestuous storm creature who torments her. What does the baleful creature want with Lucy? Will the troubled woman ever be able to let go of the past and forgive herself?

Or will she sacrifice everything she holds dear?

‘A Boy From The Streets’

Two babies abandoned at birth—one grows up in a life of privilege, the other in poverty.

On the 12th of September, 1981, twin boys are born in a Brasilian hospital and left to their fate as orphans. Jose is adopted by a couple who takes him to England, but the other isn’t so lucky. Pedro ends up on the streets of Rio, left to fend for himself in a harsh and unforgiving world.

Boy 05 small

Love and betrayal.

Twelve years later Jose’s family returns to Brasil, where he learns the truth about his adoption and his twin. Thinking his adoptive parents no longer want him, he runs away to find his brother. What follows will shake Jose to the core and shape the rest of his life—if he can survive.


Jose isn’t the only one whose life will change. Pedro is offered an opportunity beyond any of his wildest dreams, but to keep it will mean the betrayal of someone he loves. This proves to be a far greater challenge than he anticipated when the orphan finds himself suddenly surrounded by family who, unfortunately, don’t all have good intentions.

Hopes and dreams.

A Boy from the Streets will tug at your heart-strings and have you rooting for the little guy as you follow the twists and turns this multi-continental tale takes.

‘Is This Love?’

Is This Love png

A chance encounter in a bar throws Gemma into Theo’s path. She’s beautiful, witty and warm, everything his ex-girlfriend isn’t.

Theo is a modern man with old fashioned values who is faithful to a fault. When his manipulative ex-girlfriend tricks him into getting back with her, Theo resigns himself to the life he knows and waves this lovely stranger goodbye.

Neither one of them is able to forget the other, so when chance throws them together again on a holiday they are unable to resist the attraction.

But Theo is now carrying a heavy secret, and sharing it with Gemma hurts her intensely. When the holiday is over, Theo’s girlfriend throws a bombshell meant to destroy him. When everything seems lost, how can they find the strength to fight and keep their love alive?

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A Big Thank You to Maria Gibbs for joining us for our first


Please drop by and say hi to Maria on her social media pages, share with your reader friends and help us support Indie Authors. Do call in again.

Happy Reading

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the books by this author and I highly recommend you check out her work, particularly ‘A Boy from the Streets’ but if you are of a sensetive disposition like myself make sure you have tissues to hand. 🙂

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